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With more than 28000 species, beetles are commonly found pests in house environments across the world. Even though they are not harmful to humans they cause significant damage to your valuable belongings. They also spoil your garden plants. So, immediate action should be taken to eradicate these pests completely from your house. 

beetle control perth

Pest Control 4 Perth is highly reputed as well as has many years of experience in offering Beetle control services in Perth. We are the one-stop destination for all your pest control needs. Our beetle exterminators help you by creating a safe as well as a healthy environment in your house by effectively eliminating beetles from your house. We make use of modern technology for quick identification of beetle infestation. Our  Beetle control Perth team only uses industry-approved pesticides to treat pests. The range of services offered by our team is as follows

  • Same-day beetle control services: Approach our Beetle control Perth team to avail the best beetle control services on the same day of booking. 
  • Emergency Beetle Control Services: we know how important it is to eliminate beetles quickly. So, taking this into consideration we are offering emergency beetle control services to all our clients in Perth. 
  • Commercial Beetle Control Services: We do offer beetle control services for commercial properties like restaurants, offices, etc. our team offers commercial beetle services at the best prices. 
  • Residential Beetle Removal Services: Choose our team for the outstanding home beetle removal services in Perth. We do offer 24/7 residential beetle removal services in Perth. 
  • Pre-Purchase Beetle Inspection Services: Secure your new property from the present as well as future beetle infestation by availing of our pre-purchase beetle inspection services. 
  • Beetle Inspection and Removal Services: Appoint our team to avail of cost-effective beetle inspection and removal services in Perth. 

Tips and Tricks to controls beetles in your property

  • Vacuuming your house: vacuuming your house regularly will help to eliminate the beetles that are present on your floor. 
  • Maintain Hygiene conditions: As beetles are attracted to an unhygienic environment, maintaining good hygiene conditions in your home helps to prevent beetles from your house. 
  • Cease entry Points: Bettles can enter your house through cracks in your house structure. So, identify all the cracks and seal them to stop the entry of beetles into your house. 
  • Reduce Moisture: As beetles love to stay in a moisturized environment. Controlling moisture in your house also helps to prevent beetles. 
  • Remove Infested Items: Eliminate infested food and wood items as soon as possible to stop the spread of the infestation. 


Do you offer emergency beetle control services in Perth?

Yes, we do offer emergency beetle control services in Perth

What is the cost of your beetle removal services?

It generally depends upon the size of the infestation. You can reach out to our team for more information.

How much time do you take for beetle control services?

It varies depending upon the size of the property. On average we took 2-3 hours to complete the service.