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It is possible that moths will fly from one location to another and contaminate your food, clothing, etc. Aside from that, moths do not actively harm humans directly, although they do pose a health risk through contaminating food. Furthermore, years of expertise, abilities, a competitive mentality, and cost-effectiveness have earned Pest Control 4 Perth the trust of our clients.

Moreover, To cope with a wide range of moth species, our Moth Control Perth staff is Highly trained and well-equipped.In order to develop your trust in our services, we are available all year round to answer any of your moth related questions. We’ll also make sure that our moth inspection service and eradication process are thorough and safe. So, you shall not think much before you contact our company for moth treatment service.

moth control perth

✔ Moth inspection and removal-. You can contact our company to offer you the most exceptional service for inspecting and removing the moth for your property.  

✔ Residential Moth Control–  We at Moth Control Perth team can provide you with unmatched Home Moth Control services. 

✔ Restaurant Moth Control-  Book our Moth Exterminators to offer you the most inexpensive yet sophisticated moth treatment service for your restaurant. 

✔ Pre-purchase Moth inspection–  we are here to provide you with the best pre-purchase inspection service. 

✔ Emergency Moth Control services- Contact our team now for the quickest services in the entire Perth.

✔ Same day Moth Control- We are there for you to provide the same day moth control service without any pre booking at any time. 

Few Tips and tricks to keep Moth in Check<

  • Herbs like lavender, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary, and thyme can be put in a bag that may be hung anyplace you keep clothes or food.
  • Trap them in with a sticky trap. As an added bonus, you may spray it with moth pheromones, which will attract moths and keep them there. After becoming trapped, they can’t get out, thus they finally succumb to their injuries and perish.
  • Vacuum and dust your floors, carpets, and mouldings. To keep your house free of dust and grime, use a vacuum, dusting cloths, & nature saving cleansers. Frequently wash dusting cloths to prevent the growth of eggs or larvae.
  • This herb’s essential oils may also be diluted with water and sprayed on your clothes and other items, or you can use a diffuser with one or more of these oils in combination.
  • Clothing and other items that exhibit symptoms of moth infestations should be frozen. As a precaution, place these things in the freezer for at least 24 hours to ensure that any larvae have been eliminated.
  • Launder any clothing that has larvae or eggs in it. If feasible, use warm water. Putting damp clothing for cooling will destroy any larvae & eggs on them.


  1. Do you guys offer services in Perth?
  2. Yes, you can book our moth control service in Perth. 

  3. Is your company accredited?
  4. Yes, not only our company is registered and owns a license, but also has insurance too. 

  5. Are your moth treatment services safe for toddlers? 
  6. Yes, you can be stress free, as all of our products are eco friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals.