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Premium Quality Rats and Mice Control Services In Perth

Rats are the most notorious pests. They cause heavy damage to your property. They also cause a lot of problems in your business premises. Apart from damaging property they also spread dreadful diseases like plague. So, it is necessary to act as soon as possible to eliminate these pests from your house. 

Contact Pest Control 4 Perth at any time to avail of premium quality rats and mice treatment services in Perth. Our rats and mice removal Perth team is highly trained in offering various types of rats control services. The types of services offered by our Mice exterminators are as follows

  • Home Mouse Control Services: Our team eliminates all types of rodents from your house premises within a short period of time. So, do call us for residential mice removal services. 
  • Pre-Purchase Mouse Inspection Services: We protect your new property from damages caused by rodents by delivering high-quality pre-purchase inspection services. 
  • Emergency Mouse Removal Services: As rodents are capable of causing huge damage in a short period, immediate action should be taken to control them. Keeping this in mind we are offering emergency mouse control services to all our clients. 
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Important Tips And Tricks To Control Rats In Your Property

The below are the major tips as well as tricks that help you in keeping rats away from your property.

  • Seal Holes In Your House: As rodents enter into your house through holes. Seal all the holes outside of your house to prevent their entry into your house. 
  • Dispose of Garbage Properly: Make sure that you have properly closed your garbage bins after disposing of garbage. 
  • Keep Your Property Moisture Free: As rodents, as well as other pets, are attracted to moisture environments,  keeping your property moisture-free will help to control rodents in your house. 
  • Keep food in closed containers: Rats mainly enter your house in search of food. So, stop the food supply to the rats by storing food in airtight containers. It prevents the entry of rodents into your house. 
  • Maintain Cleanliness In Your House: Always maintain cleanliness in your property to prevent the entry of rats. 
  • Avail Professional Services: Avail professional services once in a while to protect your house from the damages caused by rats and mice. 
  • Plant Mints In Your Garden: rats and mice don’t like the scent of mints. So, planting mint in your garden area will help to control rodents. 


  1. Do You Offer Restaurant Mouse Removal Services In Perth?
  2. Yes, our pest controllers also offer restaurant mouse removal services in Perth.

  3. Are your Rats and mice control services safe for my pets?
  4. Don’t worry, our team only uses natural products for controlling rats in your house. They are completely safe and do not cause any harm to your kids as well as your pets. 

  5. What are the different types of payment options available to you?
  6. You can make a payment through cheque, cash as well as a card. We do accept online payments from our customers.