Pigeon Control Perth

Effective Pigeon Control Perth

Flocks of feral pigeons have become a common sight in many towns and cities. Moreover, balconies, flat roofs, ledges, loft spaces and empty buildings are often used if pigeons have access. Pigeon control is about keeping nuisance pigeons from landing and nesting on buildings using various deterrents. Pigeon control Perth team will make your building an inhospitable place for pigeons to land or nest.

Pest Control 4 Perth’s purpose is to have the pigeons take their droppings to another location by themselves. If you are facing a nuisance pigeon problem, you can contact pigeon control services today. We also do solar panel proofing for pigeon control. Additionally, we also provide commercial pigeon control services along with residential pigeon control services. We are the best pigeon control team all over Perth. Book our pigeon control services now !

pigeon control perth

Prevention Tips For Pigeons Control

You see pigeon droppings on buildings roofs. These droppings contain dangerous bacteria and fungi that can be harmful to humans. So, if you want to get rid of pigeons, follow the below tips

  • Place anti-roosting spike strips where pigeons want to stand. This place can be any house roof. 
  • Spray the sticky chemicals where the pigeons stand. This makes the pigeon difficult to stand. So, if you spray it once, pigeons will not come to that place.
  • Look after all sorts of vents and antics. In addition to this, put heavy curtains on large doors and windows. So, pigeons cannot enter. 
  • Pigeons breed at a very fast pace. In fact, they will breed six times in a year. So, if you feed them some contraceptives, their eggs will no longer hatch. Hence, this will help in pigeon control. This is because their eggs will no longer hatch after contraceptives intake. 
  • Most important tip is to avoid feeding pigeons. But, if you do, they will continuously start staying on your property. This gives them reason to come again and again.


How can I get rid of pigeons naturally?

There are a lot of “Do-it-yourself” remedies to get rid of pigeons without killing them. But, you rather scare them off by sights, sounds and smells. By using mothballs, spike landing strips you can get rid of pigeons.

Do you get rid of pigeons in Perth without harming them?

Our pigeon control Perth team is able to eliminate pigeons without harming them. Moreover, most of our services are very affordable and cheap. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get rid of them.

Why should I choose your pigeon control Perth team?

All our professionals hold certificates in pigeon control services. We only use appropriate methods for your problem. In addition to this, we only use safe and modern pesticides. Furthermore, all our pigeon control services are budget-friendly.