Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections Perth

Did termites invade your newly-purchased house in Perth and you find them very irritating? You need to immediately contact Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections Perth. In fact, pre-purchase timber inspection will improve your living space free of any pests. For this, you can choose our pest control professionals. Moreover we also provide same day services.

So, here is our Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections Perth team of professionals to help you. Our Pest Control 4 Perth will provide both home and commercial pest inspections. Our pest exterminators will remove all the pests after the proper house survey. Furthermore, it will help for future pest control. Searching for a pre-purchase pest inspection near me? We offer the best pest control services in Perth. Book our Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections Perth team now !

pre purchase timber inspections perth

Prevention Tips For Timber Pests Invasion

Use the pest control tips to check your home from potential pest invasion problems. However, do this before the pest infestations occur. Following are the outdoor and indoor prevention tips for pest invasion:

Outdoor Prevention Tips For Timber Pest Invasion

  1. Seal all the areas where holes are present and fill the gaping holes too.
  2. Look for signs of termites. They will search for softwood, mud tubes and walls with bubbling paint to infiltrate your home.
  3. Trim the shrubs and tree climbs so they aren’t touching the house.
  4. If you want to build a fountain, make sure to build it 15 to 20 feets away from the house.
  5. Avoid putting the garbage bags outside for many days.
  6. Make sure to eliminate stagnant water, rainwater, etc.
  7. Clean the gutters regularly to remove leaves and debris.

Indoor Prevention Tips For Timber Pest Invasion

  1. Clean your home regularly using a vacuum cleaner once a week.
  2. Wipe down the kitchen countertops frequently to remove crumbs. This is because, those crumbs maybe excellent food source for pests
  3. Sweep the floor often to remove any bits of food.
  4. Make sure to keep the garbage well-sealed and frequently empty it out.
  5. Some pests like to use attics to invade your home. Therefore, seal off all those entries.
  6. Replace the old moist or damp wood every possible time.

If you still find any pest infestations after taking all preventive measures, make sure to call our professionals. Our pest exterminators will help you eliminate this problem. Moreover, our pest control Perth team will also give advice on how to keep your home pest-free in future.


How long will it take to get a pre-purchase inspection for my Perth house?

A pre-purchase inspection altogether is a time-taking process. Moreover, this will depend on the building size, type and number of rooms. So, the inspection might take upto 2 hours.

Are your services available in Perth suburbs too?

Yes, our services are available in Perth suburbs too.

Are your professionals licensed pest inspectors?

Yes, all our professionals are certified and licensed pests inspectors.