Carpet moth control Perth

Hire The Best Exterminators For Carpet Moth Control

Your carpets hold a lot of dirt, debris, allergens, pollutants, and all other types of unwelcoming guests. The dirt in your carpet makes your carpet a perfect place for moths to infest. If this is the case with your carpet then feel free to get in touch with Pest Control 4 Perth. Our company has the most professional carpet moth control Perth team on which you can completely depend for a moth-free carpet. Additionally, our moth removal specialists are on their duty 24 by 7. So, in case of any emergencies, you can reach out to us without any hesitation. 

Here are some of the services that our company offers for carpet moth control.

  • Same-Day Moth Control: We offer same-day moth removal services. So, if you forget to make an appointment with us, your one call is enough to book us on the same day. 
  • Emergency Moth Control: We are the best moth control service providing company because we care for our people. Therefore, we are ready to help them in emergencies.
  • Moth Inspection: Our moth exterminators are very thorough with the inspection. They deeply inspect your property for infestation and provide you with apt results. 
  • Home Moth Removal: We can free your home carpet from all the moths and make sure that you have a safe ambiance. 
  • Restaurant Moth Removal: Having moth infested carpets in your restaurant is not an ideal place to serve your customers. We can get rid of these moths and help you have a hygienic place for your business. 
  • Pre-Purchase Moth Inspection: Make sure to get all the carpets in your new property inspected before moving. This will prevent you from a lot of problems in the future and help you in negotiating the price of your property. 
carpet moth control perth

Here Is What You Need To Know About A Carpet Moth Infestation

No pests are welcome. All of them are a threat to your hygiene in some way or the other. Moths are one of those pests that not only can affect your health but can also be very destructive to your property. You can say bye to our favorite carpet if it gets infested by moths. Moths love eating fabric material and they can make plenty of holes in your carpet without you even noticing. Additionally, they can easily trigger your allergies by simply existing near you. 

However, there are some prevention tips that you can follow to keep them away from your carpets. 

  • Spray cedar oil on your carpet to keep moths at bay
  • Keep your carpets vacuumed
  • Have professional carpet cleaning services once in a while
  • Scrub your carpet with vinegar
  • Keep your house clean


  1. Are Your Services Eco-Friendly? Will It Harm My Carpet?
  2. No, our moth control services will not harm your carpet in any way; they are eco-friendly.

  3. Are Your Exterminators Licensed? 
  4. Yes, our exterminators are licensed and certified. 

  5. Are Your Services Available Out Of Perth?
  6. Yes, our services can be accessed by people living around Perth.